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We hold ourselves fully accountable for driving orders-of-magnitude growth in your organic search traffic.

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We craft high-quality blog posts and content, even on deeply complex subjects.

Our content drives 5X to 10X more organic search traffic than "normal" content.

What Clients Are Saying

Private 5G LaN for the Enterprise

“Cooper has been a true partner to us, not just a typical agency. Hiring Cooper has been like hiring a full time Director of SEO who comes with a full team of analysts and writers. Every step of the way, Cooper took full responsibility for end results—search traffic growth that converts—not just SEO vanity metrics. And with Cooper’s expertise, the results have been fantastic, growing our search traffic by 6X in fewer than 2 years. We also beat every other competitor in our space, including a publicly listed 800-pound gorilla, for highly-competitive searches strategic to our brand.”
Özer Dondurmacıoğlu
VP Marketing

Identity Proofing & Passwordless Authentication

“Cooper gets results, plain and simple. In the first year alone of working with Cooper, our organic traffic grew by 298% and our DR went from 36 to 51. And best of all, our Search Share of Voice went from 0% to the #2 position in just 1 year, even though every competitor had a higher DR. Cooper's approach to SEO-driven content is unique and works wonders. The average Cooper blog post gets 11X more organic traffic than other blog posts. I'd recommend Cooper to any tech company CMO in a heartbeat.”
Michael Cichon
Chief Marketing Officer

3D Printer Maker

“After our traffic had stagnated for a long time, Cooper helped us grow organic search traffic by 70% in just the first 3 months.”
Shawn Hopwood
Chief Marketing Officer

Private Content Network

“We value strategic vendor relationships and count Cooper in that category. They’ve worked alongside our team over the past 18 months to hone our SEO strategy and to create quality blog posts and glossary pages that translate into higher inbound traffic and higher page rank. They have a genuine interest in our success and allocate time and resources to understand our business requirements and execute against those. Additionally, when we bounce new ideas off of their team, they provide timely, candid responses and insights focused on tangible business outcomes.”
Patrick Spencer
VP of Corporate Marketing

Payment Authentication and Monitoring

“Cooper Marketing was invaluable in standing up our new website’s notoriety and SEO Analytics, the team worked diligently across many time zones and global initiatives. Not only were they successfully delivering SEO-driven content articles to drive up our search ratings and organic traffic, I often leveraged their experience and support as a trusted advisor on key strategic initiatives.”
Lex Torres
Director of Branding and Production

AI Data Platform

“Cooper truly took WEKA's SEO efforts to the next level. Originally, we were skeptical that any agency could meet our high content quality standards, especially given the highly technical subject matter we cover--AI/ML, high-performance computing (HPC), financial analysis, genomics, and so on. But Cooper has an amazing team of highly technical writers and a great editorial process for ensuring quality. Ultimately, we were thrilled with the quality of the content.

Aside from content, Cooper also handles technical SEO at a truly advanced level. They put a web development action plan in place that dealt with internal linking, information architecture, and a range of other technical SEO improvements.

It was also really important to me that Cooper be a true partner I could count on--a driver, not a passenger. And that's exactly who they are. They were truly a "one stop shop" that just "handled it." They helped us brainstorm at a strategic level, and consistently went above and beyond to execute and get results.

Ultimately the results speak for themselves. Our traffic grew 5X in 16 months. And we were amazed that our competitive search share of voice rose from nothing to #1, even beating huge competitors like IBM and NetApp.

I would gladly hire Cooper again and recommend them to any high-tech company, especially in a technical field like AI/ML, HPC, or analytics.”
Rahul Patwardhan
Director of Demand Generation

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