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For Tech Startups



Blogs Don't Get Enough Attention

Time Constraints

Employees have to take precious time away from other projects to write blog posts

Skill Gaps

Only rare “unicorn” marketers have both the analytical SEO skills and the creative writing skills to write blog content that drives significant organic search traffic

Quality Sacrifice

Blog posts get written hastily, published infrequently, and fail to drive significant traffic or qualified leads

Content Starvation

Social media, email newsletters and other marketing programs are starved for quality content to distribute

We Give Your Blog the White Glove Treatment

Full Service

We take full responsibility for your blog content

So your team gets more time for important projects


We do extensive SEO research for every blog post before writing it

So your organic search traffic grows and generates qualified leads

Blog Content

We hire and cultivate dedicated writers with deep domain knowledge

So your blog becomes the best in your industry for top-quality content

For Tech Startups

We do in-depth research on your company, industry and market

So you relax, confident that your blog is in good hands

We Help Tech Startups Succeed

“I brought in Cooper at the very beginning of our complete website redesign to make sure the designers laid all the right groundwork upfront. Then Cooper made sure our content was truly SEO-driven. As a result, we saw 3,600% growth in organic traffic to our blog in less than a year, and our blog traffic has continued growing ever since.”

Tim Matthews
CMO of Exabeam

“After our traffic had stagnated for a long time, Cooper helped us grow organic search traffic by 70% in just the first 3 months.”

Shawn Hopwood
CMO of Type A Machines

Founded by a Startup CMO

Chas Cooper spent 20 years growing revenue for Silicon Valley tech startups before founding Cooper

Exclusive Focus on Tech Startups

We serve only tech startups, which has allowed us to develop exceptionally deep expertise in tech startup content marketing and SEO

100% Success Rate

Every client we’ve served has seen at least 100% growth in year-over-year organic blog traffic

Our Unique Approach Gets Superior Results

SEO-Driven Content

Our unique approach merges content marketing and SEO so they’re indistinguishable from each other.

As Google’s algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, content has become the single most important part of SEO.

Yet most SEO agencies still use “old-school” technical tricks that are no longer important.

Our unique approach replaces older technical SEO and link building tricks with a laser focus on content.

First, we formulate a unique content strategy for each client that guides how we structure internal linking and prioritize the content calendar.

Our content strategy even drives link building organically, rather than relying on questionable, time-consuming tactics like writing guest blog posts.

Before we write every new blog post, we conduct an in-depth SEO analysis to uncover precisely what your audience is searching for.

Then we handcraft each blog post to satisfy your audience’s needs and send a clear signal to search engines.

The result is high-quality blog content that drives ever-growing organic search traffic from exactly the right audience to generate qualified leads.

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